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Two Pounds

It’s been cold for two weeks now. When it turned cold, I quit walking outside. I also didn’t go back to the YMCA. Because I quit walking I quit RunKeeper, and because I quit using that, I stopped updating MyFitnessPal. … Continue reading

25. November 2014 by robohara
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Winter is Coming / YMCA

So far my plan of walking one mile around my neighborhood each morning and a second one each evening has gone well. But. Winter is coming. Soon, the cool fall breeze that greets me each morning will be pushed aside … Continue reading

06. November 2014 by robohara
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October 2014 Results

Up until September 30, 2014, I was eating whatever and however much I wanted and not exercising at all. On October 1st, 2014, I began my latest journey. I began walking again — sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a … Continue reading

04. November 2014 by robohara
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Checking Servings per Container

About a decade ago I got the dumb idea that I could lose weight eating Ramen Noodles. You actually can lose weight eating Ramen Noodles, it’s just not a particular healthy way to do it. I found that one pack … Continue reading

01. November 2014 by robohara
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