Two Pounds

It’s been cold for two weeks now. When it turned cold, I quit walking outside. I also didn’t go back to the YMCA. Because I quit walking I quit RunKeeper, and because I quit using that, I stopped updating MyFitnessPal. The result of all of these actions (or rather, inactions) is that I gained two pounds.


Two pounds is not a lot of weight. My winter coat weighs two pounds, but that’s not the point. The point is that positive actions lead to positive results, and negative actions lead to negative ones. Through diet and exercise, I can lose weight; I’ve proven that. Through diet alone, I can maintain my weight. By ignoring both, I gain weight. This is not rocket science. This is basic cause-and-effect.

Over the past couple of days I’ve cut my calories back and lost the two pounds. That puts me at exactly where I was at the beginning of the month. My previous goal of repeating October’s weight loss is out the window. My new goal is to walk at least ten miles between now and the end of November. There are six days left, so this should be doable.

25. November 2014 by robohara
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  1. It’s more difficult to get motivated when it’s cold, but think about this: It’ll take more calories to raise your body temp to a comfortable level in the cold. Get out there and walk. Plus, you’ll feel better and more accomplished.

  2. Come and get the treadmill! You can have it. Set up your corner and whatever motivates you, and keep going.

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