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Making Resolutions and Achieving Goals

“Starting in 2015 I will walk ten miles a day. I will stop eating sugar and drinking pop. I will do P90X twice a day until my abs look like I’m in the UFC. I’ll do pull ups until my … Continue reading

30. December 2014 by robohara
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Visions of Sugar Plums

So, I have a Christmas confession to make — I don’t really know what a sugar plum is. Simply based on the name I’d always just assumed they were plums covered in sugar (see: caramel apple), but that doesn’t appear … Continue reading

23. December 2014 by robohara
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Seasons Change

The older I get the faster the seasons seem to change. Summer gives way to fall and before you know it, it’s winter. The leaves fall off the trees, the wind kicks up and the temperature goes down and suddenly … Continue reading

11. December 2014 by robohara
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