Seasons Change

The older I get the faster the seasons seem to change. Summer gives way to fall and before you know it, it’s winter. The leaves fall off the trees, the wind kicks up and the temperature goes down and suddenly nobody wants to walk with you anymore.

Mason broke our last treadmill by accidentally dropping a set of hand weights directly on to the motor. I don’t remember exactly when we bought that treadmill, but I do know I bought it new from Sears and I brought it home in my Chevy Astro minivan (which I owned from 1998 to 1999), which would make it roughly 15 years old.

Mention needing a treadmill and you may be surprised how many people you know who are willing to donate one. We got this one from my mother and her husband Jack, who even helped us load it into the truck. Talk about service!

2014-12-11 11.49.49

Nobody wants to stare at a wall for half an hour and so I bought an iPad wall mount ($7, Big Lots) and put our oldest iPad there. With AirPlayer, Netflix, VLC, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and several other apps installed, it’s like having an entertainment center at your fingertips. (I haven’t tried playing games while walking yet, but give me a week or two.) I haven’t run the power cord all the way down to the wall socket yet, but it’s long enough to either Velcro or zip tie to the treadmill and hide all the way down. The wall mount has little slots along the sides that allow you to still connect power chargers and headphones to the unit.

This treadmill is way fancier than our old one. It has adjustable inclines, a built-in fan to keep you cool, and one of those little magnetic connectors that, should you fall off the treadmill, will disconnect and stop the motor. At least the thing won’t grind up my legs as I lay there looking at the Christmas tree.

Walking on treadmills is not my favorite form of exercise, but it’s better than nothing and will help me keep moving forward until spring returns.

11. December 2014 by robohara
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  1. Are you sure that an iPad will be sufficient, size-wise, to keep you distracted while walking on the treadmill? I’d imagine you instead with a small SMART TV (21″ or so)… 😛

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