Visions of Sugar Plums

So, I have a Christmas confession to make — I don’t really know what a sugar plum is. Simply based on the name I’d always just assumed they were plums covered in sugar (see: caramel apple), but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Apparently it’s just candy (or a type of fairy).

It doesn’t matter much. My visions this time of year aren’t about sugar plums — they’re about cookies, and cake, and candy canes, and egg nog, and egg nog with rum in it. Last night, Susan and the kids made a bunch of holiday snacks and cookies. My kitchen table looks like this:


Did you know there are roughly 110 calories in a single Oreo truffle ball? UGH! Every single one is worth a walk around my neighborhood in calories. Based on the number I’d had today, I need to walk to Mexico and back.


It’s always good to “just say no,” but if you can’t (I can’t), moderation is the key. One or two cookies, just enough to have a sample taste, and then quit. After Christmas, we’re going to find someone to donate all our leftover snacks to, rather than have them sit around and eventually get eaten. The worst thing for me is having the snacks sitting out, where I’m tempted to pick one up every time I walk by.

What do you do to keep holiday weight gain away? I’m doing really good so far by maintaining. I’m hoping to make it to New Year’s and kick things up then.

23. December 2014 by robohara
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