Current State of Gastric Steps: The Book

It’s been a while since I commented on the status of Gastric Steps: He Said/She Said on the site so I thought I would take a few minutes to get everybody up to speed.

In case you didn’t know (or forgot; like I said, it’s been a while!) Gastric Steps: He Said/She Said is a book my wife and I wrote to document our decision to have gastric band surgery. It covers our lives pre-surgery, our decision to have gastric band (aka Lapband) surgery, our experience with the surgery itself, and how life has been ever since. In the book we talk about our successes, and unlike a lot of books or websites dealing with bariatric surgery, our failures. The “He Said/She Said” comes from the fact that my wife and I took turns writing chapters. (You can see the proposed list of chapters here.)

So, where are we at today? First, the book has been written. Right now it’s at around 45,000 words.

I am currently going through the book’s second edit. I already went through the entire book once, finishing incomplete sentences, moving paragraphs around and making sure everything flowed and made sense. I’m almost exactly halfway done doing a second edit right now, making sure everything is perfect. When I’m done with that I’ll send the book out to a couple of editors and get their opinions. Each morning I finish another chapter so I should be done with this part within the next two weeks.

I began sending book proposals out last fall, roughly five a week for two months. That’s roughly 40 proposals. I got rejection notes from three of them. I didn’t hear anything from the other 37. One of the rejection letters said that if I were willing to make some significant changes, it might be possible to publish the book in 2016.

I’m not willing to wait that long — so, like my previous two books, Gastric Steps will probably end up being self-published. I expect the book to be available in both physical and electronic formats. I’ve had several requests for an audiobook version as well so I’m also looking into that.

As mentioned in the book, my intended audience is (a) people who are considering having bariatric surgery, (b) people who have already had bariatric surgery, and (c) medical professionals involved in bariatric surgery. I think people from each of these groups will take something away from the book.

Diet, exercise, and writing are all similar in the fact that they involve setting and meeting goals. I hope to continue setting and meeting goals in all three of these categories!


29. January 2015 by robohara
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  1. You rock! You’ll get this all done and do it wonderfully. You’ll also keep doing great at weight loss and being healthy. It isn’t easy, but you’re doing great.

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